Providing security support to tenants on the Point Lisas Industrial Estate and ensuring security measures are maintained at Port Point Lisas.

Security Services

The PLIPDECO Security Department proactively manages all risks associated with personnel, information & physical assets of the Corporation & provides complimentary security support to all stakeholders on the Point Lisas Industrial Estate.


The Department provides the following services:

  1. Drone surveillance & photography
  2. Escort of wide loads
  3. Gangway Security & Surveillance
  4. CCTV monitoring on a 24/7 basis
  5. Response to security breaches
  6. Port access passes
  7. Patrols & Static Surveillance
  8. Lighting Surveys
  9. Traffic Management
  10. Incident Investigation
  11. ISPS (International Ship & Port Facility Security Code) administration
  12. Collaboration with the various state agencies


PLIPDECO's Security Department consists of Estate Constables that have all rights, powers, authorities, privileges and immunities and are liable to all such duties and responsibilities, as any member of the police service below the rank of corporal. The Security Department is divided into three (3) sections:

  1. Tactical Response Unit (775-8545)
  2. Operations (290-0978/ 679-7233)
  3. Command Centre


PLIPDECO's Port Facility is ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code) certified and all Security Officers have received training in accordance with the requirements of the ISPS Code. The Security Department is responsible for ensuring ISPS compliance and deploying counter measures that prevent and respond to security breaches. For information on the ISPS code do feel free to visit the following website:


PLIPDECO's Security Services Incident Reporting Mobile Application - "PLIPSECURE"

As the Corporation moves to create a more secure environment on the Port and Industrial Estate, greater communication, credible real time information and proactive strategies are necessary. As such, the Security Department has developed a Mobile App titled “PLIPSECURE” for all stakeholders to directly interact with PLIPDECO’s Security team and its operatives, through the ability to report any incidents, accidents, breaches and/or similar occurrences. The App can also be used to report any potential security threat such as suspicious vehicles or broken fence lines.

Some key features of the App are:

  • Real Time reporting
  • GPS Location of the incident can be shared
  • Feedback on reports submitted
  • Allows for push notifications
  • Formal report submission
  • Users can receive Alerts regarding any threats, issues or bulletins on the Estate
  • Contact numbers for all Emergency Responders (PLIPDECO and National Agencies)

The App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

Android users can download the app via this QR Code:


Apple devices can download the app via this QR Code:



Stakeholders are reminded that while the App can be used on the Port, taking of photographs is prohibited.

All stakeholders are urged to continue to remain vigilant and to partner with us to keep the Port and Industrial Estate safe.  If you or someone you know are in imminent danger within the parameters of the Port or Industrial Estate, please contact the Security Services Department at:


Contact Number

Email Address


290-0978 / 679-7233

Tactical Response Unit