Point Lisas Industrial Port Development Corporation Limited (PLIPDECO) is a public company owned 51% by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago and 49% by private shareholders including banks, insurance companies, financial institutions, company employees and the general public. Incorporated on 16th September, 1966, the Corporation celebrated its 40th Anniversary in 2006.

PLIPDECO's two core activities are:

  • Industrial real estate management
  • Port management and operations, including cargo handling services

PLIPDECO is the owner and landlord of the 860-hectare Point Lisas Industrial Estate, located on the west coast of central Trinidad. The Estate houses more than 103 tenants comprising a mix of world-class methanol, ammonia and urea plants, three steel plants, a power plant, and smaller light manufacturing and service companies.

Port Point Lisas, the second major port in Trinidad and Tobago, consists of six general cargo and container berths. The facility handles a variety of cargo including containerised, break bulk, lumber, paper, consumables dry bulk and steel.

The Port is the proud winner of the Caribbean Shipping Association’s Port of The Year Award for three successive years - 2002, 2001, & 2000.  In 2017 and 2016 the Port was also the recepient of the Caribbean Shipping Association's Award in recognition of Excellence in Port Dependability and Flexibility.