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PLIPDECO has standardized its Insurance Claims Procedure to better serve our Customers

Insurance Claims Procedure

PLIPDECO has standardized its Insurance Claims Procedure to better serve and respond to customers' needs. In order for the Corporation to effectively consider any claim, the attached Claims Advice Form must be completed and submitted within fourteen (14) days of the incident/accident along with the supporting documents as outlined below.

For all claim types:

  1. Formal statement of claim providing full details of the incident.
  2. Supplier Invoice(s), in the name of the Claimant, to support costs identified in the claim.
  3. Any other supporting documents including Photographs, Supplier, Shipper, Vessel or Port documents.

For cargo claims:

  1. Original Bill of Lading / Bill of Sight or complete two-sided copy.
  2. Bad Order (B/O) Slip.

For accidents (Equipment and Vehicular):

  1. Certified copies of Motor Insurance and Driver's Permit.

Incidents of vessel and equipment damage, cargo loss/tampering/damage, personal injury and other terminal and warehouse related accidents should be immediately reported to the Supervisor on duty at the time of occurrence, and where applicable, the relevant reports/documents lodged with the Line Manager. It is advised that, soon after, Claimants should submit a letter to PLIPDECO's Insurance Officer indicating their intent to make a claim while their documents are being gathered to complete the claims package.

On submission of the documents, the Claimant will receive an Acknowledgement Letter. PLIPDECO reserves the right to request additional information to substantiate the documentation submitted. Kindly note that the processing time of a claim varies depending on:

  1. Completeness of submitted documentation.
  2. Complexity of claim.
  3. Investigation and processing time at PLIPDECO.
  4. Investigation and processing time and Insurers.

PLIPDECO undertakes to process claim submissions expeditiously and to follow up with the Insurer for the fastest possible response.

Kindly direct your Insurance Claim documentation package and other related correspondence to the following department:

The Insurance Claims Officer
Finance Department
Point Lisas Industrial Port Development Corporation Ltd.
Orinoco Drive
Point Lisas Industrial Estate
Additional contact to PLIPDECO:
Telephone: 636-2201, Ext. 3143
Facsimile: 636-4008

At the end of the Insurance Claim process, PLIPDECO will advise the Claimant, in writing, of the outcome of the submitted claim and indicate, once warranted, the procedure towards final settlement and closure of case file.

Dated: May 01, 2014


Please download pdf copy of Claims Advice Form