Health, Safety and the Environment

Committed to protecting the Health and Safety of its employees and the immediate Point Lisas environs.

The Corporation is committed to protecting the Health and Safety of its employees and the immediate Point Lisas environs. This commitment is demonstrated by the implementation of systems to ensure the health and safety of all employees, customers, tenants, visitors; and minimizing impact on the receiving environment.

PLIPDECO's Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) team is guided by the Corporation's Policies and Procedures which emphasize the well-being of its stakeholders. In doing so, the Corporation remains in allegiance with local and international accepted standards.


PLIPDECO's Health, Safety and Environment objectives entail defined objectives for each department, with its HSE department carrying the pivotal role for administering and developing systems. Its main objectives are:

  1. Creation of an improved HSE culture throughout the Corporation by increasing staff awareness via training and open-discussion forums.
  2. Reduction of accidents/incidents by proper monitoring, reporting and recording of all "near misses".
  3. Adhering to local and international accepted standards, namely the Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) Act 2004, World Bank Guidelines, OSHA (United States of America and United Kingdom), International Maritime Organization (IMO), Department of Transportation (DOT) and International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code.


The following initiatives were introduced by PLIPDECO to encourage employees' participation in their overall health and safety in the workplace.

Safety Smart Campaign:

PLIPDECO launched a "Safety Smart" campaign aimed at sensitizing employees on the purpose, benefits and methods of using safe, healthy and environmentally sound practices at work and in their personal lives.

Elements of the Campaign consist of HSE Awareness to employees with posting of visual aid Signage, Posters as well as Slogan Competitions, HSE Quizzes, Scoreboards and E-mail Bulletins. Another tool used is the HSE Week Activities celebrated annually in which the employees are educated through lectures, demonstrations, displays and fun activities.

HSE Training and Orientation:

HSE Training and Orientation are offered to our employees as well as contractors in order to equip them with the knowledge, skill and information that will enable them to execute their jobs with safety as a first priority.

Improvement of HSE Systems and Procedures:

HSE conducts continuous monitoring, evaluating and improving of HSE Systems and Procedures to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, thereby demonstrating organizational commitment to employees' welfare and safety boosting morale.

Substance Abuse Testing:

To enhance the working environment for all employees, PLIPDECO re-implemented its Substance Abuse Programme in 2008.  Under the guidelines of the Substance Abuse Policy, all employees are subjected to testing. A zero tolerance approach has been adopted towards substance abuse and the Corporation continues to promote safe working practices throughout its operational activities.

First Aid Station on the Port:

To remain in compliance with the OSH Act which states that companies employing more than 250 workers must provide a first aid station, PLIPDECO has constructed a First Aid Station on its Port.

This First Aid Station will be operated by trained personnel.  This station would be equipped and operated to facilitate basic medical needs of approximately 1000 employees, with emphasis on the workers who are employed at the Port facility.

It is estimated that 95% of injuries occuring on the site could be treated immediately on the location itself. Thus, employees can walk into the unit to receive basic medical health care. The station also serves as a rest-off for over stressed workers and can act as a chemical shelter during ammonia releases. The Corporation will still have to rely on external facilities for major cases.

For any information, complaints or queries:

Please feel free to contact the HSE Department of PLIPDECO

at 636-2201 ext. 2286 or 2275 or email: