FCL Service

Specially designed for customers who require a warehouse facility for Unstuffing Dry Full Containers and Temporary Storage of Cargo.

PLIPDECO FCL Service provides importers with a warehouse facility for unstuffing dry containers and short term storage for their cargo.  The dry containers to be unstuffed must be "delivery authorised" or "delivery to premises" (to PLIPDECO's Warehouse) by the Customs and Excise Division.

Outsourcing this FCL Service to PLIPDECO is an efficient way to ensure that your containers are unstuffed, stored and delivered in a timely and secure manner with value added benefits.  These benefits include:

Less Cost - Reduced cost associated with long-term warehousing, cargo handling (labour and equipment) and minimisation of demurrage, detention and port charges

Convenient and Secure location - This facility is located on Amazon Drive, Point Lisas Industrial Estate, Couva within 4km from the Port and has sufficient storage space to meet your needs.

Experienced team - Proficient in cargo handling and warehouse management.  Staff is qualified, competent and possess over 30 years experience in the business.

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For further details, please contact:

PLIPDECO Warehouse Services

Telephone: (868) 679-2935

Email: fclservice@plipdeco.com