Container Examination Station

First of its kind to be established in Trinidad, labeling PLIPDECO as "pioneers" in this field.

The Container Examination Station (CES) commonly known as the "Stripping Station" is a Customs facility provided for the conduct of Customs business and requires support from the Government Agencies namely Plant Quarantine, Bureau of Standards, Public Health, Food & Drugs and Trade Industry. These agencies have personnel functioning at the CES on a permanent basis.

The Customs unit comprises of Preventative, Valuations, Examinations, Selectivity Unit, Long Room with cash facility and the Customs Supervisor.

The Point Lisas CES was the first of its kind to be established (1st June 1995) in Trinidad, labeling PLIPDECO as "pioneers" in this field. PLIPDECO’s role is to manage the facility and conduct cargo handling activities with given resources.

The CES is ably assisted by Labour Contractors and utilizes forklifts for unstuffing and restuffing containers.


The CES is located approximately 1.5 km from Port Point Lisas.


The CES is fitted with 10 container bays and has a cargo floor space of approximately 10,000 square feet.

Operational Time

The operation times are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday to Friday with 30 minutes rotational lunch break and an aggregate 30 minutes for container shifting per day. This allows for 70 bay hours per day and at an average handling time of 3 hours per container. The output capacity at the CES is approximately 23 containers per day which exceeds PLIPDECO’s quality objective service level requirement of 20.

Same Day Appointments

The CES provides for same day appointments and delivery of full container load (FCL) containers that have been selected by the Customs Selectivity Unit for examination.

Adequate secured parking is provided for customers and a 24 hour armed security patrol is located on the compound.

The CES is considered as a "one stop shop" which strengthens customers’ confidence to conduct business with Port Point Lisas.